1989 Nicolas Jasmin

Nicolas Jasmin, Untitled (Jasmin/Avantgarde/Surrended), 1989/2011, mixed-media on hessian, 33 x 21 cm

Spending the evening at the studio. Next door you hear the party you don't feel like going to despite the collector's invitation. It's fun. Hours elapse parallel to the feelings of remorse. The stronger you rebel, the more you get hooked by the procedures of choosing and applying paint onto canvas. Colors mix. One with the name Jasmin such as the flower, the revolution or the mutinous painter himself. The other is called Avantgarde as it could be a menagerie of drag queens, socialites, drug addicts, musicians, and free-thinkers of a groundbreaking party.

Nicolas Jasmin uses exclusively paint by Adler.