2013 Karel Martens

In a short text that could be read as an artist statement, Karel Marten claims it would be a matter of common sense and instinct that somewhere there is the right answer. Somewhere, he pictures a "box" and he describes the way to find the box and the key to the enclosed answer inside of the box a matter of choosing and giving this box a distinct color: "Alice blue. or alizarin crimson. or amber. or amethyst. or aqua. or aquamarine. or asparagus. or azure. or beige. or bistre. or black. or blue. or bondi blue. or brass. or bright green. or bright turquoise. or bright violet. or bronze. or brown. or buff. or burgundy. or burnt orange. or burnt sienna. or burnt umber. or camouflage green. or cardinal. or carmine. or carrot. or celadon. or cerise. or cerulean. or cerulean blue. or chartreuse. or chestnut. or chocolate. or cinnamon. or cobalt. or copper. or coral. or corn. or cornflower blue. or cream. or crimson. or cyan. or dark blue. or dark brown. or dark cerulean. or dark chestnut. or dark coral, or dark goldenrod. or dark green. or dark indigo. or dark khaki. or dark olive. or dark pastel green. or dark peach. or dark pink. or dark salmon. or dark scarlet. or dark slate gray. or dark spring green. or dark tan. or dark tangerine. or dark tea green. or dark terra cotta. or dark turquoise. or dark violet. or denim. or dodger blue. or eggplant. or emerald. or fern green. or flax. or fuchsia. or gamboge. or gold. or goldenrod. or gray. or gray-asparagus. or gray-tea green. or green. or green-yellow. or heliotrope. or hot pink. or indigo. or international Klein blue. or international orange. or jade. or khaki. or khaki (X11). or lavender. or lavender blush. or lemon. or lemon cream. or light brown. or lilac. or lime. or linen. or magenta. or malachite. or maroon. or mauve. or midnight blue. or mint green. or moss green. or Mountbatten pink. or mustard. or Navajo white. or navy blue. or ochre. or old gold. or olive drab. or orange. or orchid. or pale blue. or pale brown. or pale carmine. or pale chestnut. or pale cornflower blue. or pale magenta. or pale pink. or pale red-violet. or pale sandy brown. or papaya whip. or pastel green. or pastel pink. or Paul mauve. or peach. or peach-orange. or peach-yellow. or pear. or Persian blue. or pine green. or pink. or pink-orange. or plum. or powder blue. or Prussian blue. or puce. or pumpkin. or purple. or raw umber. or red. or red-violet. or robin egg blue. or royal blue. or russet. or rust. or safety orange (blaze orange). or saffron. or salmon. or sandy brown. or sangria. or sapphire. or scarlet. or school bus yellow. or sea green. or seashell. or selective yellow. or sepia. or silver. or slate gray. or spring green. or steel blue. or swamp green. or tan. or tangerine. or taupe. or tea green. or teal. or teené. or terra cotta. or thistle. or turquoise. or ultramarine. or viridian. or wheat. or white. or wisteria. or yellow. or zinnwaldite perhaps." In the end Martens completes his personal file of color names with the eventuality to leave and keep the box as it is.

In: Karel Martens, Full Color, Roma Publications, Amsterdam, 2013, p. 143-145